The Prespes Agreement Text: A Comprehensive Analysis

The Prespes Agreement Text, also known as the Prespa Agreement, is a historic agreement signed on June 17, 2018, between Greece and North Macedonia, ending a decades-long dispute over the name of the former Yugoslav republic. The agreement was named after the Prespa Lakes, which are located on the border between the two countries.

The text of the agreement is extensive and has various components, ranging from the official name of North Macedonia to the recognition of the Macedonian language and identity. As a professional, it`s crucial to break down the text of the agreement and analyze its significance.

The Name

The agreement officially recognizes “North Macedonia” as the name of the country, replacing its former name, “Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” or FYROM. This resolution was one of the most significant and contentious aspects of the agreement. The dispute over the name began in 1991 when the country declared independence from Yugoslavia and adopted the name “Republic of Macedonia.” Greece, a neighboring country, objected to the use of the name, as it has its own region called “Macedonia.” The issue has been a point of tension between the two countries for decades, and the Prespes Agreement finally resolved it.

Language and Identity

Another essential component of the agreement is recognizing the Macedonian language and identity. The agreement sets out to establish mutual respect for the language and culture of both countries. North Macedonia acknowledges the Greek culture and its contribution to human civilization, and Greece acknowledges the Macedonian identity and language.

The Agreement`s Implementation

The implementation of the agreement requires both countries to make significant changes to their laws, educational curriculums, and official documents. The agreement sets a timeline for these changes, which includes North Macedonia changing the signs on its highways, passports, and official documents to reflect the new name. Greece is also expected to review its educational materials and remove any content that could be considered irredentist.


The Prespes Agreement Text is a comprehensive agreement that ended a long-standing dispute between Greece and North Macedonia. The agreement`s significance goes beyond just the resolution of the name dispute but also includes the recognition of the Macedonian language and identity. As a professional, it`s essential to understand the significance of the agreement and communicate it effectively to readers. By breaking down the text of the agreement and analyzing its components, we can communicate the significance of the agreement accurately.